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When the harvest is bountiful, sometimes picking the fruit fast enough is your biggest challenge

Any innovative business model which can successfully disrupt an established market is often detected early, and copied quickly.

Speed of execution to capture market share and safeguard first-mover advantage is of paramount importance!

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We seek passionate entrepreneurs

We look for founders who know choosing the right partners will be the difference between success and failure.

We want to join companies early in their journey because this is the point when we can provide the greatest value. It is often the moment in time where founders are so focused on product development, they tend to get tunnel vision at the expense of a scaled go to market strategy.

We provide the capital investment along with the strategic direction to ensure your business reaches its full potential. We have proven experience working collaboratively with founders to both achieve scale and protect first mover advantage.

We often take an equity position right out of the gate

Being partners ensures our interests are 100% aligned, with the success of the company being the primary focus.

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We put our capital, expertise, ingenuity, and Rolodex to work side by side with you. We operate like a co-founder, not a mere capital provider. If we cannot get as passionate as you about the mission, or we feel we cannot add commensurate value, we simply will not become involved, regardless of the opportunity and its potential upside.

We not only assume 100% of the capital risk, but we go all-in with our most valuable asset – Our Time.

The Xccelerant Ventures advantage

Capitalization and associated capital strategy
Operational and strategic collaboration
Go to market strategy and leadership
Large network from decades of professional success


What attributes do you look for in a company?

We do not look for anything specific in a company. We do look for something specific in a founder. We align with founders who are driven relative to their vision and goals, who are nimble and flexible as it relates to the optimal path forward. We also tend to favor founders with missions that ultimately yield a positive contribution to the sectors and stakeholders they serve.

What check sizes do you write?

We feel there is no such thing as "one size fits all." Accordingly, we do not like to box ourselves in relative to "check size." Suffice it to say we would not recommend any strategy that was not properly capitalized.

What stage do you invest in?

We prefer to partner with early-stage companies that are pre-series A. Historically we have learned this is when we can make the greatest impact relative to a partnership. It is also where founders tend to have holes in both their leadership team and collective experience sets where we can help fill in the gaps.

What sector(s) do you invest in?

While we are sector agnostic we tend to favor opportunities that are digital facing as opposed to analog facing.

What information should I submit for consideration?

Feel free to provide any information that will give us a feel for the mission, and yourself. Whatever you do please do NOT provide a 5-year forecast. It is not to say we do not care about economics. We do. We want you to demonstrate you understand the economics of your business, but quite frankly if you have a 5-year plan which shows how you go from pre-revenue to a multi-million dollar business in a few short years based on unproven data, we are probably not going to be the right partners for you.

How do you use the information that I provide?

We use your information only to evaluate internally whether or not we think there will be a fit, and if it warrants further investigation on our behalf. The full scope of the use of information submitted via the Site is set forth in our Privacy Policy.

When will I hear back from you?

Typically you will hear back from us within one business week of submission as to whether or not we think we can be helpful.

Can I see some of the other companies you have partnered with?

Just like we will respect your privacy concerns, we respect our other founders’ privacy. Should we get to the point of doing diligence we understand you also need to be comfortable with us. At that point, it is customary and appropriate for you to speak with other founders we have partnered with, and we will be more than happy to facilitate those reference conversations for you.

Who are you?

Xccelerant Ventures is brought to you by the team at Symmetrical Ventures. Symmetrical is a leading institutional venture capital fund. With over a dozen direct company investments, Symmetrical is also an active LP in four other venture capital funds. Symmetrical has experienced growth across its diverse investment portfolio exceeding typical VC industry standards with a trending IRR of over 2X.

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